How You Benefit From Sedation Dentistry

Safety – Oral conscious sedation is considered quite safe because your natural reflexes still operate normally in case of an emergency.

Freedom From Stress – Because you can still respond verbally while sedated, you can communicate any pain that you may feel. The dental sedation creates an amnesic effect so that you don’t remember much about the appointment after you leave.

Comfort – For those who normally struggle with a bad neck or back, oral conscious sedation helps relax your muscles so you can comfortably sit in the dental chair. It reduces tension associated with anxiety during the procedure and soreness afterward.

Pain Reduction – Studies show that a higher level of anxiety lowers pain tolerance. Since sedation dentistry reduces your anxiety level, you won’t be as sensitive to pain.

Quality – This dental sedation treatment increases the quality of dental care because we can work more effectively on your mouth when you are calm and still.