Gluten-Free Toothpaste Brands

Those of us who cannot tolerate gluten must watch everything we put in our mouths (even if we're not supposed to swallow it). So yes, we need to worry a little about gluten in toothpaste.

Fortunately, there's an abundance of gluten-free toothpaste options available — in fact, the odds are good that the one you're using right now is considered gluten-free to the generally accepted limit of 20 parts per million.

Here's a rundown of major toothpaste manufacturers, their statements on gluten in toothpaste, and their gluten-free products:

Arm & Hammer toothpaste. Arm & Hammer verifies that its toothpaste products are gluten-free.
Aqua-fresh toothpaste. Aqua-fresh products, which include adult and kids' toothpastes plus whitening trays, do not contain gluten, according to the company.