Oil Pulling

Have you heard of Oil pulling?

Oil pulling works about as well as a 30-second rinse, twice a day, of a chlorhexidine mouth rinse. 

We prescribe this chlorhexidine rinse (products we like are the non-tooth-staining formula called Colgate Perioguard. We have an in-house brand in our office we sell at cost as well).

This rinse is called an 'adjunct'...it is something to ADD TO your  already regular home routine of proper gum care . If you are not a flosser, I would recommend spending the time flossing and not oil pulling.

The chlorhexidine rinse, and hence oil pulling ,  does not  treat gum disease alone. 

Oil pulling would provide no other benefit to the mouth.

That is what we know, for now, from the GOOD scientific studies that are out , currently at the end of the year 2014.

The catch is, you would have to rinse for 20 minutes, straight, without stopping, swishing the oil vigorously between your teeth .

This seems like a huge time consuming task.