Teeth are "Living Body Parts"

Teeth are “living body parts.”

Many people think of them as just hunks of hard things that can be left alone and not maintained.

However teeth are alive  because they have inside them nerves, arteries and veins, and soft living tissue. We call that part `pulp`. They also have a complex surrounding set of nerves and arteries in the gums all around the tooth root. 

Can we make an analogy that our mouths are like a “pond”?

Then the mouth is covered in millions and millions of bacteria germs. Over 300 different kinds. I think of the mouth as a mini “pond”. Many different things swimming around and living in that pond. Some creatures are needed for health, but many others are just plain trouble makers. Every person has a different mix of what lives in their mouth. We all different pond ecosystems. How we take care of our pond affects what grows in our pond. Each of our bodies are different in the way our immune system and saliva  let things live in that pond. We differ in how we fight off the bad creatures, and how much of them will grow in our 'pond'. 
Our immune system is not cut out to fight off many of the germs (bacteria) that can grow out of control in our `pond`. There is a defect in our human immune cells that allows these mouth bacteria to grow. There is so much research being done , constantly , in the medical world on how we can get that immune system working for the mouth. So far, there is no magic bullet, no magic one stop /one-time  treatment , to rid our mouths of these bad disease-causing germs. These germs grow in our ponds, kill off the good germs, and change the balance of the things growing in us.  

I also often think of our mouths as a swimming pool too. 
We need constant checking of the chemistry ( the ph) and chemicals , cleaning it, maintaining it, having it serviced by professionals. 

The research so far shows we need 3 things to keep our ponds in check:

1. Regular home care . That means maintaining your pond :
    ⁃    cleaning it the right way, 
    ⁃    cleaning the right amounts of times per day
    ⁃    feeding it the right things, 
    ⁃    feeding it in the right amounts, 
    ⁃    and how long your food is touching the teeth each time you feed.

2. Regular 'pond checks 'from your 'pond doctor' (Dr Z) to clean away the bad stuff that build up no matter how you try do it yourself at home. There are always areas that you cannot get cleaned. You are also unable to see under the pond water like we can. There is always pond scum, algae or mould in a pond...and your mouth pond does not have a built -in system to deal with it.

3. A healthy immune system. We humans already have an immune defect that cannot fight off gum disease coming from many of those bad bacteria that always grow in our 'ponds'. Any disease that alters the immune system can really alter the mouth in a bad way. Research now shows the OPPOSITE as well. Uncontrolled gum disease can alter our body's health.