Caring for Dentures


Over time, aging dentures can cause deep wrinkles and a jutting chin. To avoid looking older than you really are, you may want to replace or reline dentures to shave years off your face. A "painless face-lift" - that's what new dentures can do for your smile and your appearance. To achieve a natural look, we can reconstruct new dentures right down to the shape, length, edge, and color of your natural teeth.


  1. The dentures should be worn for 24 hours after they are inserted until the first adjustment. 
  2. Always wear dentures at least 6 hours before an adjustment is made. 
  3. We will adjust sore spots as they occur when the denture settles. 
  4. It is natural to experience fullness of the mouth with new dentures. 
  5. Expect to have excessive flow of saliva. 
  6. At first you will have a feeling of looseness, especially the lower denture. You will adjust to it. 
  7. The lower denture is harder to adjust to than the upper. 
  8. Start out with small bites of soft food, chew straight up and down and try to chew on both sides. 
  9. Bite anything as far back in your mouth as possible. Example: Bite a carrot and bend the carrot up. 
  10. In biting an apple or similar hard fruit or vegetable, exert a force toward the teeth rather than one pulling away from the teeth. This could dislodge them. 
  11. If you are eating food well in six to eight weeks, you are doing fine. 
  12. You should brush the dentures inside and out at least two times a day. 
  13. Clean dentures over a basin partially filled with water or over a wet towel, to prevent breakage in case they should be dropped accidentally. 
  14. To clean dentures, soak them overnight in baking soda and water. 
  15. Your denture should be left out at night to give your gums a rest. 
  16. Whenever your denture is left out of your mouth, it should be kept in water to prevent warpage. 
  17. It will be more difficult to adjust to new dentures if you had old dentures or no teeth for a long period of time. 
  18. You should return to be examined every six months. 
  19. It is perfectly natural for a little food debris to collect under the dentures. 
  20. Sneezing will usually dislodge any denture. 
  21. The fee for dentures will include a six month adjustment period necessary to give comfort. Further periodic adjustments will not be included in the fee. The fee for these appointments will depend on what needs to be done. 
  22. Immediate dentures almost always need to be replaced or relined within one year. The denture doesn't change, the underlying tissue does. 
  23. Using excessive amounts of denture adhesive to retain ill-fitting dentures invites serious problems and more involved correction at a later date. 
  24. Please call us if we may be of further service to you.