Smile Gallery

Our Smile gallery is an interactive slide show to showcase past procedures that was performed by the team.

Before After
  • A.B. before 2 implant-crowns and a new gold crown 
  • A.C. before and after lower porcelain crown and whitening. 
  • A.C. before a 'crown lengthening' gum-lift Notice how the upper teeth gumlines are covering more teeth than they should. Think of it like cuticles covering too much of the nail. A.C. after a one visit painless ' gum lift' with a periodontist we love, Dr. Paul D'aoust of Kingston. 
  • C.B. before. She disliked the shape of the teeth which were worn thin from nighttime grinding . The teeth were chipping and heavily filled. Her bite was not balanced. C.B. after 10 each of upper and lower eMax brand crowns 
  • C.B. before view, grinding her teeth to one side. The bite was allowing too many teeth to wear against each other causing them to flatten and break. C.B. after 10 upper and 10 lower eMax brand crowns. Thanks to tTrevor at Burlington Dental Studios for the excellent lab work. 
  • C.C. came in one afternoon carrying his chewed store-bought mouthguard C.C. wore a chewed store-bought mouthguard . These style guards do not protect against these injuries like a pressure laminated guard will. 
  • C.C. Happy 7 yr old athlete with a pressure laminated moutguard . These mouthguards are state-of-the-art. ask us about them. 
  • C.S. before. Finally able to invest in her smile, we approached the top teeth first. Then months later did the bottom ones. C.S. after lower crowns. Thanks to trevor at Burlington Dental Studios for the lab work. 
  • G.B. before placing 4 upper porcelain veneers. G.B. after 4 upper porcelain veneers. 
  • I. C. before and after 4 upper crowns 
  • J.B. upper 4 crowns before and after  
  • J.C. lost a tooth from excessive night grinding. He cracked it and had to have it replaced with a dental implant. J.C. After a crown is placed over the dental implant it is hard to tell he has a state-of-the-art tooth replacement. 
  • J.U. before and after a high stick to face with no mouthgaurd . This is the rare best-case scenario from a stick to the face.  
  • L.B. before... as a child with a hockey injury L.B. after, as an adult, after many dental visits and several years later, from his hockey injury 
  • M. B. before. Note the missing tooth, and heavily filled old cavities, stains, and the front teeth were pushed backward out of alignment with the lips. M. B. after new bridge and a single crown. 
  • M.S. (FRONT). The old crowns had cavities under them. The teeth had lost solid healthy tooth underneath. 
  • M.S. before (LEFT). The upper left and right eye teeth were deeply discolored, the premolars had large old silver-mercury fillings in them. 
  • M.S. before (RIGHT). The front crowns needed removal, the teeth needed new root canals and a gum lift. 
  • S. G. her natural teeth needed new shapes to support her bite , new shades, and more strength. Crowns( blue arrows) . Dental implant-supported crowns (green arrows). 
  • T.B.  
  • T.B. 
  • V.B. before. 2 old PFM bridges have underlying metal edges showing at the gum lines, which a red and irritated by the bridges. The shades are not ideal. Each bridge replaces a missing tooth. V.B. after 2 new metal-free bridges were placed. Note better shapes, shades, and gum line health. 

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