The Bioclear Method

Dr. Zaichick is thrilled to provide this new advanced technique to his patients.

What is Bioclear?

The Bioclear Method is a technique through which we can conservatively accomplish a number of goals. One of the primary uses of this method is to fill in the small spaces we refer to as black triangles, areas in between teeth where gum tissue may have receded or was never present. More people, as they get older, find that they seem to notice black triangles in their smile. Additionally, the Bioclear Method may be performed on larger gaps in between teeth and even to rebuild entire smiles in an affordable, precise manner that achieves long lasting results.

The Bioclear technique consists of wrapping individual teeth with dental composite material using a matrix that achieves the desired form. The result of this precise method is outstanding beauty and functionality.

How Bioclear stands out

Bioclear is a type of bonding process, but is different from traditional bonding, which is somewhat antiquated in technique. Though there are still instances in which traditional bonding is suitable, the Bioclear Method allows us to more precisely achieve fuller, stronger, thicker teeth, with more attractive results without the need for extensive structural alterations. That means we add to the teeth, and minimize or eliminate what we remove from the teeth. It is 'additive' dentistry not 'amputative' of healthy tooth material.

In addition to standing out when compared to traditional bonding, there are several reasons the Bioclear Method stands out compared to porcelain veneers, as well:

  • In most cases, porcelain veneer treatment requires the alteration of natural tooth structure. For this reason, veneers are a permanent cosmetic enhancement that must be kept up for life. The Bioclear Method is conservative, adding to rather than taking away from the structure of a tooth or teeth. Being an additive technique, Bioclear actually strengthens treated teeth.

  • Should a porcelain veneer chip or crack due to excessive force or injury, repair often involves the replacement of the entire veneer. With Bioclear's dental composite technique, it is possible to reshape a damaged tooth quickly and affordably.

  • The Bioclear Method makes cosmetic enhancement more accessible due to its more affordable cost.

What are “black triangles”?

Some facts:

  • These open spaces, called 'negative spaces', look black because the inside of the mouth is dark and shows through the space.

  • 30% of all adults have these.

  • Sometimes adults who get 'adult orthodontics” have these after their braces are removed .

Other times it is a side effect of damage from gum disease, or gum surgery to correct the disease.

  • If you do not have an untreated active gum disease condition, it does not mean you will lose your teeth.

  • Most people find them unsightly.

  • Most dentists do not know how to solve these spaces.

Thanks to achieving certification in this method for treating black triangles with the Bioclear method, Dr. Zaichick can provide an easy solution.

The black triangles are filled in leaving a healthy space for the gums . The teeth are covered on all sides making them fuller, and thicker, stronger and brighter.


Some things to know about your appointments for the Bioclear Method.

The visits are generally very comfortable .

Every case is different, but depending on the whether there are large negative spaces, undersized or tipped teeth, old fillings that need to be replaced etc...the appointment times needed may vary.

We may discuss with you whether you want to treat only a few teeth at visit, to limit the time in the chair.

It may take 90 minutes per tooth , and we may do at least 2 teeth per session. Sometimes it may take longer.

You will be able to eat and drink right away after your visit.

The Bioclear Method is not a typical method of using 'filling materials”, and takes much more appointment time, and dental materials, than the average tooth 'bonding' procedures. As such , the fees may be over and above that which is covered by your insurance benefits.

We will gladly assist you with estimates to be sent to your insurance companies and help you understand their replies.

We are happy to work out financial arrangements as needed.

Learn more about the services available at The Smile team by scheduling your visit today.

The Bioclear method in general consists of several small steps. The teeth are gently numbed, cleaned , polished while being isolated with a latex dental dam. Note the Bioclear plastic matrices, which are unique to this method. Composite resin material is heated and molded into the matrices. It is hardened with a bright visible light, then shaped and polished.

The undersized tooth here is called a 'peg lateral incisor”. Conventional 'bonding' techniques are difficult to do without causing gum irritation from improper material placement. Porcelain veneers can also cause chronic gum problems due to the inherent shape of the veneer under the gums . The Bioclear Method is unique in that it allows the resin material to blend beautifully under the gum-lines better than veneers and conventional bonding.

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