Bioclear Gallery

Before After
T.P. Conventional bonding failed this young man. Several years later the bonding is chipping , 
and is heavily stained. He admitted to never showing his teeth when he talked or smiled.
T.P. Immediately after a 4 hr visit. Five teeth were made fuller, stronger, and  brighter, using the
Bioclear Method. 
Before After
L.J. He had decay in the front center teeth, and he disliked
the one tooth which was pushed out of alignment.
L.J. immediately after the Bioclear method in one 3-hour visit.
Before After
L.D. Upper right fillings needed replacing with decay under them L.D. Immediately after the Bioclear methos to replace old fillings with decay under them
Before After
L. B. before. he wanted to get rid of his spaces without drilling any healthy tooth away. He
disliked his discolored front tooth as well.
L.B.after a procelain crown ( 2 visits) from Krest dental ceramics. The Bioclear method was
used on the teeth indicated with arrows, in one 3 hr visit fior these 3 teeth.
Before After
Grace C before the Bioclear 360 method. We chose to treat the teeth with the red arrows. G.C. 2 weeks later. In one 3 hour visit we were able to add to 3 teeth  and not drill any healthy
tooth away.
Before After
F.H. before the Bioclear method for the lower black triangle. F.H. immediately  after a 90 minute visit for the Biolcear method for lower black triangle.
Before After
B. L. lost an old crown and needed an emergency fix.The old crown could not be re-attached.
I used the Bioclear method to try and rebuild this tooth.
B.L. Immediately after a 90 minute visit with the Bioclear Method.
Before After
B.B. before. we used the BIoclear method in one 90 minute visit, to add fullness to the 2 top
lateral incisors.
B.B.immediately after the Bioclear Method visit. This young woman was thrilled that the eye
teeth no longer appeared to be pointy .
Before After
A.Z. after the Bioclear method. A.Z. after the Bioclear method was used on her upper lateral incisors to widen and lengthen
them after her braces were removed.
Before After
R.D always hated his front 4 teeth and wanted a cost effective solution other than full crowns. R.D immediately after a 3 hour Bioclear method visit treating 4 teeth 
Before After
S.M. broke her tooth and needed a emegency fix. Bioclear was used. S.M.  immediately after building up a broken tooth in 1 hour.
Before After
C.C wore a chewed store bought mouthguard. These style guards do not protect against
these injuries like a pressure laminated guard will.
C. C came in one afternoon carrying his chewed store-bought mouthguard
Before After
N.S. wanted to eliminate the slight spaces in his front teeth and the deep white spots. I used
microabrasion, a 10 day home whitening kit and then the Bioclear method on the 4 teeth.
N.S., after
Before After
O.D. Is a young woman who dislikes her space diastema. The Bioclear method can add to
the space conservatively.
O.D. Immediately after a 2 hour visit with the Bioclear method.