One of the most effective and attractive ways of replacing missing teeth is with a dental bridge. A bridge is a type of dental restoration that utilizes an artificial tooth that is placed to fill in the gaps of missing teeth. They stay in place by using neighboring teeth for support. Dental bridges are extremely durable and natural looking. Besides strengthening your bite and preventing tooth shifting, bridges improve your smile's appearance.

Compared to conventional dentures, bridges are preferred by many patients since they won't shift or become loose. To place your bridge, we will first take X-rays and examine your mouth to ensure you have sufficient amounts of bone and gum tissue to support the dental restoration. Your teeth may have to be shaven down to place your bridge. This is done to ensure a proper fit and aesthetic pleasing results. 

Our team will work with you to help you achieve a healthy beautiful smile. Learn more about dental bridges by contacting Dr. Zaichick & The Smile Team in Belleville today.

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