Are you looking for an efficient and effective way of improving your smile? If so, then porcelain veneers may be the answer you’ve been looking for. These amazing dental restorations slide over your teeth’s front surface to cover stains, close gaps, repair chips and restore minor imperfections to give you a flawless beautiful smile.

Constructed of highly durable porcelain material, veneers are customized to the unique shape and shade of your natural smile. To place them, some of your teeth may have to be slightly shaven down. This is done to ensure a perfect fit and natural looking results. 

Dr. Zaichick & The Smile Team will work with you help you achieve a smile you can be proud of. We are fully committed to excellence - striving for it at all times. We provide our patients the same care we would give to our own families so you can rest assured you're receiving the finest dental care Belleville has to offer. Contact our office to set up a complimentary consultation.


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